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Tadpole Ventures is the private venture capital/investment banking research vehicle of David H. Park; noted high technology VC, analyst/investment banker, & entrepreneur. For select global high net worth private investors and financial institutions the firm conducts independent research into new trends, markets, industries, companies, and technologies seeking to identify opportunities for capital investment, define new strategic/corporate/investment directions, and/or initiate M&A deals.

Research areas include (but are not limited to) communications, infrastructure, software (applications, user interface issues/usability, and open source development) and wireless sectors. An early pioneer in global high technology investing Mr. Park travels often and provides global coverage of the marketplace. Tadpole Ventures' style of research is a tight mesh between personal contact/face-to-face involvement and traditional broad comparative research methods.


The most common service that the firm provides its clients is a better understanding of trends, technologies, and the competitive landscape such that they are able to better make their investment and strategic decisions.


Competitive research and analysis is a forte of the firm and these services are provided in-depth and highly customized to each clients requirements. While this may seem "simple", the ability to transcend market "noise" and give decision makers true insight based on facts and reliable foresight is why people work with Tadpole Ventures.


Mr. Park has been "hands-on" involved in the technology industry since he was eight years old in 1977 (when he received his first computer an early Apple II). A keen technology entrepreneur he has been the driving force behind many successful companies and a successful evangelist of key trends/products. As a result of having experienced the personal computer revolution first hand from its inception (at a very young age), he brings a unique insight to the art of analysis, evaluation, and prediction in the high technology field.

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