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Tadpole Ventures was founded in 1997 by high technology Venture Capitalist (VC), analyst, investment banker and entrepreneur, David H. Park. Mr. Park has over twenty years of experience as a technology entrepreneur, operating executive, investment banker, and venture capitalist who focuses on the entrepreneurial, finance, and technology communities.

As a venture capitalist, Mr. Park has directed investments and strategic relationships for portfolio companies working closely with technology leaders such as Apple Computer, IBM, Microsoft, Motorola, Borland, Ericsson, AirTouch, Singapore Telecom, and Duracell. Mr. Park has served as a personal investment banker focusing on private equity investments and high technology startups for financier listed on the Forbes Global Billionaire Register (top 100).

Mr. Park began his technology career in 1977 as an early enthusiast and programmer at the age of 8. His first business, a computer supply distribution company was launched at the age of 15. The following year, at the age of 16, he opened a discount software/supplies and used computer retail store.

He received his B.S. in Entrepreneurial Studies from Babson College, located in Massachusetts, in 1991. Shortly after, Babson College presented him with the Distinguished International Entrepreneurship Award. Babson College is ranked #1 among all business schools for entrepreneurship.

Residing in both Silicon Valley and Los Angeles, California, he is a motor sports and aviation enthusiast and enjoys playing/coaching ice hockey. Mr. Park was a technology advisor to the Lyford Cay International School; Nassau, Bahamas where he helped establish and launch the country's first 1:1 computing initiative from Pre-K through 12th grade. In addition, Mr. Park actively speaks at educational institutions of all levels frequently mentoring on entrepreneurship and the high technology venture development process.

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