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Computers, Paraphernalia Fill Up Convention Center

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By Marianne Caprino {summarized for brevity)

At 99 cents, it could be called the bargain of this year’s Buffalo Computer and Industrial Technology Show. Wedged in among computer room air conditioners and high speed copiers is Amherst ComputerWorks, a fledgling firm selling anti-static spray for less than a buck.

And this, the show’s lowest priced item is being sold by the youngest exhibitor, David h. Park, the 15 year old owner of the company. "This is probably the most useful thing here," David said, holding a bottle of the spray that he recommends using with his anti-static cleaning cloths.


"Static is an annoyance, but it also attracts alot of dust," he explains. "And dust can destroy the chips inside a computer. We’d like to do a little consumer awareness about this because it can help your machines last longer," he said.

In addition to the spray and the cloths, David also sells floppy discs, disc washer drive cleaners and disc files. Despite his young years, his interest in computers is mature. "In 1977 my dad bought me an Apple II, and I’ve been fooling around with computers ever since," he said.


He formed his company this past summer with a $ 500 loan (which he has repaid). David employs 12 other kids who he pays on a commission basis.


David was just one of a number of exhibitors whose business revolves around computer maintenance. Hiross Co. had its special computer room air conditioners on display. And Bromor co had a number of energy protecting systems on hand.


No doubt computers dominated the show, but there were plenty of non-computer exhibits too. Local educational institutions were available with information on their computer courses and two local banks were there to tell you how to borrow money so you can buy a computer.


The show runs till 8 pm today and from 10 am to 5 pm Thursday in the Buffalo Convention Center.

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