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Throughout my career I've been fortunate to have gotten some great press. While I haven't saved most of it I did keep a few examples around for my portfolio. The article featured here was from my time as founder/CEO of the Global Technology Group in the early '90s.

Back then promoting high technology in the international marketplace was very new. Yet the thirst for the latest solutions by overseas/emerging markets was extremely high. I felt that there was no reason why these markets should lag behind the US in terms of their development/deployment of the latest technologies or trends so dedicated the mission of my company, the Global Technology Group, to working in the international arena. We provided expertise not only global companies seeking to implement the latest emerging technologies for competitive advantage but also for overseas national firms seeking competitive advantage through just simply applying technology solutions that while "advanced" for their marketplace would be considered "baseline" in the US.


Developing and running the Global Technology Group was a big step in my development as an entrepreneur and really broadened my horizons. We were known for being able to bring in "unknown" technologies such as Adobe Acrobat (when you had to pay for both the 'reader' and the 'distiller'), PDAs (like Apple's Newton), the first digital cameras (Apple's QuickTake), video-teleconferencing (PictureTel), the Internet (pre-HTML), and "groupware" (Lotus Notes) to tough corporate environments.


Skeptics abounded in both IT and management groups but we stayed focused on helping the users understand and adopt these disruptive technologies. We not only "introduced" these technologies to new customers but were successful in helping change the culture/environment such that real change was made in the way that they integrated technology into their business for the betterment of their operations.

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